Understand my lab work


My doctor does a good job at given me my lab results. However, there are times she is not around when I pick up a copy of the lab results for my records. For some reason I do not see how the doctor converts the results over from the records to what she gives me. What is the easy way for me understand exactly what the lab results mean?


  1. HIV-1 RNA, QN, RTPCR (copies/ML) 35617 (<48 Copies/mL)
  2. HIV-1 RNA, QN, RTPCR (Log copies/ML) 4.55 (<1.68 Copies/mL)
  3. HBV DNA, QA, PCR (IU/mL) 33500000 IU/mL (<100) [a]
  4. HBV DNA, QA, PCR (Copies/mL) 134600000 Copies/mL (<160) [a]
  5. RPR Screen------ Reactive
  6. CD3+/CD4% (Helper, T4) ----18.1% (30-61)
  7. CD3+/CD4, ABSOLUTE-----413/CMM (490-1740)
  8. RDW -----15.8% (11.0-15.0)
  9. Protein, Total ---8.4 G/DL (6.2-8.3)
  10. Globulin, Calculated ---3.8 G/DL (2.1-3.7)

I know the numbers in the ( ) is for the range I should be at. However reading what I just type, I do not know how to get my results in leman terms. Can you help me understand the easiest way to translate the results myself?


Your HIV viral load is 35,617 copies/mL and your hepatitis b viral load is about 134 million copies/mL. Your HIV viral load is in the moderate range and your HBV viral load is very high. Your CD4 count is 413 and 18.1%, which is pretty good. You also have a positive RPR, which can indicate a diagnosis of ongoing or previous syphilis. RDW measures the size of your red blood cells and protein and globulin levels measure the amount of protein in your blood (those numbers are essentially normal).