two years yeast infection


I have chronic vaginal yeast infection for over two years.My doc.put me on diflucan many times but never worked for me.tick discharge disappear in few days,but there is constant white discharge with no smell.If i have regular sex three times a week symptom is under control,but if i do not tick discharge and itching comes back.Two weeks ago doc put me on metronidazole and did not help me.I am very scared what is it.Is it HIV.I never get tested for HIV becouse the only partner i have sex with is my husband.Nine years ago he hed unproticted sex and he tested twice NEGATIVE elisa.Last test was year ago.Are his tests accurate becouse he was on topical corticosteroids clobetasol for 5 years on his arms,constant use with just few days brake betwine treatments .He hes 4 small spot to treat.Would you tell me DO I NEED TO GET TESTED????? or his two tests are good.THANK YOU. I will send donation.



From the information provided, I would conclude your husband's tests are definitve, despite his topical corticosteroid use.

You should get tested if you've had any potential HIV exposures. I would not consider your husband to be a risk.

Continue to work closely with your OB/GYN doctor to address your vaginal complaints. (If you've had no potential HIV exposures, you should not fear getting an HIV test.)

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