two months condom in my wallet


i had sex with a guy, i topped him but i used a condom that i had in my walle for two months. however, the condom did not break or burst. and i remember see all my sperm remained in the condom.... does it means i carried not risk for hiv?

i was tested in a lab here in the state of atlanta they used HIV AG/AB Combo, they gave me the results two weeks later, the staff told me that i dont need more testing and am conclusive and good to go since it came out negative. she told me by 7 weeks it would pick it up.

is that correct? should i have another hiv test? the condon worked despite having it in my wallet for two months ( did not break)


Thanks for your question,

Having a condom in your wallet isn't recommended because it can weaken the condom. A weakened condom is more apt to break.

BUT that didn't happen in your case. You checked pretty well to make sure it didn't even!

A 7 week test can be a good indicator of status, but again, if you have no risk there's no need to be tested.

Hope this helps,