Two minute intercourse and Jaundice-AIDS?


I am a virgin male.During my recent visit to USA I had a brief nightmare with an escort service female(28.01.2000).She took out a condom and put it on me and then gave me oral sex for just about 35 to 40 secs after which i refused.She then got on top and I came within a minute.I then asked her to leave.When i took off the condom I noticed i had hardly ejaculated any semen.

During my entire US trip (from 23rd to 30th) i was not eating well.When I got back home on the 1st I could not even look at food and had nausea,vomiting and fatigue.On 7th I turned yellow and we realized it was Jaundice.

My questions are

What is my risk of getting HIV from the encounter I had if the female was infected?Could i have come in contact with her vaginal secretions and got the virus despite the fact that the whole thing lasted less than a minute(I was inside her for less than this time)?She never came and I too didn`t ejaculate a lot,so is this intercourse sufficient to put me at risk.i am very guilty!Help

Could my Jaundice be the result of HIV?I have so far tested negative for Hep A,B,C and E though the ultrasound shows an enlarged gall bladder today and my Billirubin is 13 and SGOT 328 and SGPT 224.Can HIV have caused this Jaundice?

I developed rashes all over my body (something like prickly heat) which feels very itchy.Then I noticed that wherever i scratched I developed whitish skin flakes which subsequently fell down.This itchy rashes are still there-my arms,back,thighs etc.The doc says this occurs in Jaundice.I am worried if this is Shingles?

My first ultrasound on 9th showed some nodes in the porta and peri pancreatic region the largest being 24*10 mm and 19 * 12 mm.The gall bladder showed diffused thick edematous wall with obliteration of the lumen.Todays ultrasound does not show any nodes but the gall bladder,spleen are enlarged.

Is all this because of HIV?I am too scared to talk to anyone.I have not told my doc also about 28th.

I know this is a long letter but Please Please help me.What is happening to me?Will i die?



You are unlikely to have contracted HIV or to die from the exposure you described. There are a number of kinds of hepatitis (all of which can cause jaundice and itching). Some can be transmitted through blood or sexually and others are transmitted by contaminated food. You probably were incubating infectious hepatitis when you came to the US, which is why your appetite was affected. And you should always tell your doctor the truth-- without the complete story a physician may not order the right tests or think about possible alternative diagnoses. In the end, you only shortchange yourself.