Tweezers at work...


Dr. Bob,

I found this post in the archives:

"Next, HIV from tweezers? What do you think your girlfriend used them for? Open-heart surgery? Even if she did, you have nothing to worry about. HIV does not survive very long at all outside the body. So unless the tweezers she returned to you were dripping warm fresh blood, relax! This is not a risk for HIV transmission."

This is still relevant correct? I work in a small office of about 10 people for an engineering firm. We use multiple tweezers of different sizes for soldering. I had a couple of accidents in the past and stabbed myself with them. I believe I was the only one that had been using them for awhile but I can't be perfectly sure. The risk here would be the same as the old post correct?

I normally wouldn't ask this but I am a frequent blood donor and have donated since this situation. I read a news article that mentioned "tweezers, razors, ect" should not be shared and I began to worry about donating blood when I was unknowingly at risk. I didn't meet any of the deferral assessment at the donating facility so this 'incident' didn't even come to mind.


Tweezers at work... (Info) (Submitted Aug 17, 2010) Dr. Bob,

I want to also say I will be making a donation. A little extra info that might be beneficial, there have only been maybe two others who have been stabbed by tweezers. One wasn't even with the same pair, the other said it was several months before. I know that this poses little risk, but your expert advise would seem to help me out of this OCD funk. Like I said before it is a small office and that I know of no one is HIV+; I ended up asking one guy (it was a little awkward).

As I mentioned before I would like to make a donation. I truly appreciate what you are doing here.


Hi Josh,

Yep, the advice I gave about tweezers remains accurate. Your risk is nonexistent. You can donate blood with confidence that the tweezer incidents are not relevant, OK? Now climb out of that OCD funk! All is well, including you, OK?

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob