1 Hour 30 Seconds: The Countdown to 30

April 25, 2014

NEW MESSAGE! Showed up on my screen. It was Ralph confirming our birthday eve rendezvous.

"See you around ten?" he texted. I agreed and expressed excitement. I was turning 30 and feeling the change. This is such a blessing to make it ten years strong of HIV and see another year, another chapter of life. On top of having Ralph on top of me.

March 23, 2014

Met him back in March during the first weekend in my new Midtown villa at an event premiering Impulse with a photography art exhibit and party. The West End industrial studio with white and cream curtains and table clothes with black accents was completely packed. Everyone's greeted to an Urban socialite magazine photographer capturing the community glitterati dressed in their best attire. Models were surrounded by admiring patrons appreciating the photography and atmosphere. Wearing my yellow power shoulders blouse, dark denim jeans, blue and yellow kente cloth scarf and mid length black cowboy boots with my black trench peacoat, I greeted the camera with a confident smile and newly inducted Midtown swag. Giving Grace Jones mug.

The drinks were flowing as people from all directions greeted me with love and respect. It felt good to be out. It'd been a while since I'd been to one of these events seeing familiar faces. The DJ kept the party in motion catering to excitement and culture. The first Chippendale model Scooby came up to me with arms open, he was a friend I've seen around the way at the former Outwrite Bookstore and other settings for a few years. The short mocha colored cutie with dread locks, clipboard at hand came to say hello. He asked if I'd signed up for Impulse and I grabbed the clipboard and placed my info.

Soon after Chippendale Model#2 walked up to introduced himself as Xavier. Fine! I mean I would drink his bath water FINE! Where you stay at FINE! With clipboard at hand he's asking for my info yet I'd already given it to Scooby. He didn't mind instead he stuck around to talk for a few and I felt like silk.

After we chatted I grabbed a drink or few (open bar, don't judge me ) and headed to sit when I noticed men giving me the eyes. I was turning heads and didn't mind one bit. I was feeling the celebration within myself. New outlook, new villa, new attitude, everything was brand new and I reveled in it. I guess the men noticed a change too. In fact someone from years ago approached me and to be honest I still don't remember their name but he was definitely a Buckhead cutie with charm. Even kissed my hand chile and GOT EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE!

"What's going on?" I'm thinking to myself. I'm not use to this level of attention and I didn't expect it, yet there it was plain as sight, nam myoho renge kyo boo! The photographer responsible for the racy, invigorating and powerful project grabbed everyone's attention with drinks at hand and smiles to match. He thanked us all for coming out and then turned the mic over to a model whom I knew to premiere the party.

Curtains fall and revealed was an entire oversized space with more bars, exquisite desserts, DJ booth, lights, tall Roman columns and hardwood floor. It was as if we'd transported to a different world with a hint of neon. Everyone was taken back from the entire set up. I made my way over to the table and slightly toppled the chocolate covered strawberries (which I'm allergic to by the way). Luckily no one saw but I didn't want to be looked those looks of " girl really!?" So I slid away and walked over to the bar for my next drink.

After witnessing drunk bitches at the party walk around in another world, I gladly received my specialty and slowly paced the space. Dancing, laughter, healthy shade throwing, the night was just getting started and people were feeling their cocktails. Standing solo nestling my drink, from my left peripherals, I noticed Chippendale model #3 approaching my way. At first I thought he was just passing but then I grew a bit nervous.

While holding my drink up to my mouth I said under my breathe:

"Is he walking over here? Girl, he walking over here ... drink your drink ... be cool ... just be cool bitch ... and don't moist yourself ... he is actually making contact in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ..."

Staring directly at me was a 6ft cinnamon brown skin Brotha with chiseled everything and a killer smile with clipboard at hand.

"Hi would you like to sign up for Impulse!?" He asked with a hint of flirt and so I flirted back explaining that I'd already signed up and then the conversation really began.

"I'm Ralph and you are?"

"Antron, pleasure to meet you, Ralph."

The Minneapolis native was completely flawless. From head to toe and stupid fine. Like, "I wanna buy him a short set" FINE so how could I resist.

"Have you ever seen Wreck It Ralph?"

"I have, with my nephew."

"How cool, I haven't but I hear it's good."

Just by looking at him I knew this man in front of me wanted to get to know me better. For the remainder of the night, Ralph escorted me around as we conversed like the gentleman he is and even held my hand for a few minutes. I felt the eyes, the steam from noses, and the darts thrown but missed, Ralph was everyone's target of engagement yet here he was giving me the level of attention they wanted. STRAIGHT UP EVIL they were but I didn't care, I felt like African Royalty covered in Godiva chocolate walking around with his eyes on me and even apologized for having to leave my side for a moment or two. It wasn't a big deal for me at all yet the fact he didn't want to gave me goosebumps. But it gets even better.

While exiting a fellow fem gave me tens across the board* (seal of approval) as my cowboy boots clutched the stairs. I realized my eyewear were missing and went back to retrieve them, unfortunately they were gone however I once again ran into Ralph changed in his street attire. Much as to my surprise he was looking for me with no luck. Since we were present I decided to give him my number. Then the weirdest thing happen, my name and contact was already in his phone. Both of us were startled from this unexpected discovery which intrigued us mutually. I left that night losing my blockers (sun glasses) but gaining so much more.

Fast forwarding ...

10:40 p.m., April 25, 2014

Having trouble getting to my complex, I directed Ralph via text until he was in my parking lot behind my building. When he enters the villa the scent of lavender and vanilla candles over took his senses. With wine and Chinese food at hand, Ralph walked in wearing all white with a matching fitted cap chest muscles and biceps bursting out of his shirt ... my very own Prince Charming coming to enjoy my company on the eve of my "Dirty 30" initiation.

We talked as he watched me eat General Tso's Chicken and fried rice, of course I didn't eat a lot due to not wanting to overpack and experience the brown surprise during our enjoyment.

It felt like a dream to sit across from him. Never in a million years did I think this personal trainer/model would ever look my way. Yet he was here with me conversing and enjoying the wine he'd brought over.

"Where are you from?"


"Minnesota? I would have never guessed that."

He smiled: "Wow, you're the first person to say it correctly, most people say Indiana and it gets under my skin."

Laughing and talking some more, once again I was in complete awe feeling special. Yet I was still wondering what separated me from the others.

"So, I'm a bit curious ... why me?"

"What do you mean?"

"What made you talk to me when you had so many others to choose from?"

"Your originality caught my eye and I appreciate femininity. It's very attractive to me," he explained.

Getting even moister, I sat and looked into his eyes and smiled inside and out. I hadn't felt this appreciated in a while. It was nice to have someone genuinely like me for me. Ralph wasn't just a brainless empty shell, he's a man of substance and substance is one of the biggest turn-ons for me.

Our clothes were removed slowly, admiring one another, my soft freshly shaved body pressed against his smooth yet chiseled torso he picks me up in one swoop and places me gently in the bed. We began kissing and feeling each other up and I was definitely impressed with my birthday candle he wanted me to blow out.

I felt his moist lips embracing my right nipple and it drove me wild. His biceps hugging me as my legs over crossed his back while holding his neck. He reaches for the KING magnum condom, but not before I give a bit of lip service. Of course I enjoy the benefits of reciprocity as my legs are wrapped around his neck feel him taste my Godiva chocolate. The insertion of himself entering myself alone was orgasmic, he moaned as did I when he began stroking.

We started on the bed, then moved to the hardwood floor but that wasn't too pleasant for him so we went back to the bed as he carried me one-handed. I love being me!

From push-ups to stallion to doggy style, I was indeed enjoying my personal inauguration to 30-hood while christening my place and nestled between our bodies I felt juices and eruption oozing from the both of us. The climax amazed our senses as I was held even closer to his body.

"Happy Birthday," Ralph whispered while kissing my forehead. Laying in our juices, it was officially my day. Being held in his arms, I realized how much I didn't see this coming. Totally unexpected. Yet it was an experience I'd never forget.

About 6 a.m., Ralph dismissed his alarm clock and turned back over to get extra zzz's. I on the other hand, like a child on Christmas couldn't believe what just happened. Here I was now, 30 and laying next to an Adonis who made effort to ensure I had a great birthday eve. I just watched him sleep, adoring his presence and listening to his slight snoring. By 7 a.m. Ralph whispers: time for round 2 ...

Yet we couldn't have a full session due to an appointment with a client at 8am, however I did notice the birthday candle he had for me under the sheets to blow out and boy did I!

A fully dressed Ralph thanks me for a great time and wished me Happy Birthday sealed by a kiss. Wearing nothing but my robe I escort him to my door and wished him a great day. When he exits, I walk over to my window to watch him pull out of the parking lot then to my fridge, pulled out the barely touched Chinese food, poured some more wine and lit some Mary for us to talk. Birds chirping good morning as I sit at my table feeling thankful and loved. Reflecting over my twenties and looking forward to what 30 was going to bring. My twenties were filled with hardship, heartache and lessons. Not that I won't have the lesson again, however, I can honestly say my maturity has kicked in even more so. I toasted the air and took yet another sip of wine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.