from turkey with love


hi dr bob you are unbelievable i am from turkey and in this place everybody says different things about hiv /aids. here is my story..i had unprotected exposure 8 months ago i did elisa 6. and 8. months ( both negative)but i have got a white tongue and many internet sites disclose this is a symptom of the hiv/aids my questions 1)are these tests enough or can i get re-test? 2)some turkish internet sites about aids disclose window period can be 1 year is this possible ? 3)i am very stressfull and little pimple on body i think it s because of hiv /aids i dont know what will i do please help me thank you and sorry for my english


Hi Turkish Guy,

A negative ELISA test at six and eight months after a potential exposure is definitive and conclusive. You are HIV negative. No further testing is needed, warranted or necessary. I can't diagnose the cause of your white tongue or pimples over the Internet, but I can certainly advise on you what's not causing them. It's not HIV!

I wish my Turkish was as good as your English!

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob