My Last Unprotected Oral Sex Was 5 Months(March), I Experience Symptoms of hiv. im scared to get test. And now (July) I develop swollen gums and sore throat. After 2-3 days, i experience coughing. Still Present. Im not sure if this is TB or not. My Question is, Is my cough(TB)related to HIV? Its too early right? and its not AIDS, still HIV. Please Answer my question...


Ok, I know your question is about HIV and TB.. but we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

First off your risk for HIV was minimal. Second, sounds like you have some assumptions about what "looks like" HIV and TB. Nothing that you've mentioned screams out either of these.

I'm not surprised that it's hard for you to think about getting tested. From what you're telling me, it sounds like your anxiety for this is at an all time high.

Sounds like a good move would be to talk to someone who can help you to manage this anxiety so that you are better able to understand your true risk (low) and then get tested (good move regardless).

Hope this helps!