Hello. Day 4 of my PEP on Truvada. I wanted to know that, since I am negative, is there a good chance I will remain that way after my recent and unfortunate condom breakage (where I was bottom), but am not sure whether there was semen or not? Also, will the 30-day usage of Truvada cause me any permanent lipodystrophy/atrophy? Finally, what are the rates of success with these PEP treatments? I started PEP at 1pm; the incident occurred at 8 pm the night before. Thank you for your time.


The chances that you will remain HIV negative after a one-time exposure from condom breakage is extremely high. We don't know how precisely how effective PEP is (for both needle-stick exposure and sexual exposure) because the risk of transmission per exposure is very low. The 30 day course of Truvada should not lead to lipodystrophy or lipoatrophy. Good luck to you.