I keep seeing questions here and other sites about Truvada and the kidneys. Many of them say they now have kidney problems with others just concerned they could develop problems. It seems to come up a lot.

Now, I realize all the people who are doing great on their HIV regimen aren't writing in to say how great they are doing, so we're just seeing the ones who do have problems. But, it does make me curious. How common are kidney problems with Truvada? I've read where it really is something that happens very rarely--especially seen in people with pre-existing kidney issues or in minorities.


Kidney problems from the tenofovir in Truvada is more common in persons with pre-existing kidney problems (such as from diabetes, high blood pressure, or HIV kidney disease). For patients with normal renal function doing well in Truvada, the rate of development of serious renal problems from Truvada is low overall (averaging < 2-3% year)and is usually monitored every 6-12 month with lab tests. KH