First off I would like to say that I am in no way trying to start trouble with this post. I merely wish to have all the facts.

What do you think of the following site?

There seems to be some pretty heavy hitters who are of the opinion that the HIV=AIDS hypothesis is not without faults.

Also, I have noticed that some of your sites sponsorship comes from pharmaceutical companies. I am not saying that I believe you fine men and women push the meds because of corporate sponsorship, so dont get me wrong. The above noted site and some others have painted a fairly accurate picture as to what some of the AIDS drugs do to a persons body. For example, they say (and back it up ) that AZT is far more toxic to the body then HIV/AIDS is.

Please respond to this post as I really am trying to gain a FULL understanding of this disease.

Thank you ,

Truth seeker.


HIV causes AIDS. Even 'heavy-hitters' can be wrong, or can be seeking attention and notoriety.