Could it be trush and should I start Hiv Treatment


Should I start treatment?

Dear Docor I have read every article here about thrush and even looked at the website and still i cannot tell if i havve thrush. Everytime I go to the doctor what ever it is, it goes away.

I see to have a white subtance underneath my tongue, near the elastic of the tongue (the part that holds the tongue to the bottom of the tongue. I am able to scapr off the litlle white subtance and when i do there is blood. Now I do not if it is the blood from the subtance or the fact that a brushed it off and my tooth brush created the small cuts. This white subtance is no think but white and thick. It is not thrush what other subtances could cause white stuff it the month. This was after 4 weeks after having unprotected sex.

Secondly during the secind week I got white dots (lillte white heads, as if I had pimples on my hard palate and one or two on my uvula. I never had more then two at a time. Usually thrush as I have seen is white and soread out this look like white raised heads, i am terrified at the idea it may be HIV. I will get tested in 2 more month but I would liek some clarification before hand, so I can function a little better.

Thanks so much



Thrush is most often on the tongue and the insides of the cheeks. It is rare to get thrush with acute infection, but it can happen, usually in the setting of a lot of other symptoms. If you are having fevers, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and perhaps mouth sores or vaginal sores, you may want to get an HIV PCR done now, since the antibody test may not be positive yet. If you are not having a lot of other symptoms, it is not likely that you have thrush. However, you might have another STD. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and even genital warts can affect the mouth. You probably should see a doctor familiar with sexually transmitted diseases. However, there is a very good chance that what you are seeing is simply dried or crusted mucuous.

Get more information, but realize it may be totally fine.

Good luck