Very Troubled Overseas


Dr Bob, You might remember me from beforeand I am not sure if you will find time to answer me once again, but if you can it would mean the world to me. And as promised, I donated $100 to the foundation a couple of months ago, and plan to annually. I dont want to run you through everything to my previous posts so I will just add the links

So, after reading both of your responses I felt reasonably better, and I have been able to pull myself out the I definitely have HIV phase for a little bit. I took your advice and told my girlfriend about the momentary lapse in judgment and we are trying to work through it. So the possible exposure was back in mid July, and my girlfriend took at home hiv collection kit this month, which came back neg. thankfully, the one time possible exposure showed me results from a test, but they were 2 post the incidence, neg. Both of the two were tested only for HIV-1.

The problem that I having is that I am overseas for another 2 months, but miserably still having weird symptoms, and I know that I didnt get them from looking on the web. First after I showed up in country I was bit by something, very small didnt even barely feel it, but my whole arm nearly swelled up. One morning I woke up from bed with two pretty bit swollen bags under one eye. The burning I was feeling in my arms, has now changed to burning at the tops of my ankles and radiating a little up the legs, and my tongue is still white and burning, and I am randomly getting sores that appear under tongue and on inside of my cheeks. My left hand was twitching uncontrollably in between my index finger and thumb. Burning white tongue persists and is constant, I have found the burning gets better when I take diflucan for a day or two, so I am assuming it is a yeast problem. The two newest thing that have happened is what appears to be bumps along my hairline and bikini line, they dont itch and I think they are follulitis. (I have never had a problem with acne)

I know bottom line these are all just symptoms, but I was a completely healthy person about 8 months ago and now I feel like Im falling apart. I have two months left over here, and will do a final test (HIV1/2), but I just dont understand whats going on. Because the guy is a 40 something, single and never been married, ex-navy type (traveled a lot), do you suggest testing for HIV-2? Or a PCR because it could be a rare type? I asked him to retest with HIV 1 & 2 and he said he was fine with the results.

Please adviseI know this is a long one, but I am really going crazy more $100 donation promised this yr!

Very Troubled Soul


Hello Troubled Soul,

Your ongoing HIV fears continue to be unwarranted. "Symptoms" are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is or is not HIV infected. I remain confident you will continue to test negative. Stop trying to evaluate symptoms and instead rely on your test results. By the way, your current batch of symptoms is neither suggestive of nor consistent with HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) or HIV disease. I doubt you have oral candidiasis (thrush). Your swollen arm was most likely an "allergic" reaction to an insect bite.

PCR testing is not warranted. HIV-2 testing is warranted only if you've had exposure to someone from West Africa or other endemic locations.

Your last two months overseas will fly by. Stop worrying and enjoy your overseas experience! And then we'll welcome you back home in May, OK?

Stop worrying. All is well, including you!

Dr. Bob