taking, triomune, and have large breast, stomach and my bum has vanished. worried what shall i do , doctor don't want to change medication


Triomune has been a life saving affordable HIV medication in many regions of the world. Over time one problem with Triomune are the side effects most often related to the stavudine (D4T) that can include fat gain, fat loss, and peripheral neuropathy. If tenofovir or abacavir is available where you live then a switch off Triomune to something like nevirapine, lamivudine + tenofovir or abacavir would often stabilize and perhaps slwly reverse some of the fat problems. Hopefully tenofovir and abacavir will become more available soon to help out situations like yours. There is no specific treatment/intervention for the fat problem that I can broadly endorse other than switch meds around if that is an option. KH