I have been with the same man for 2 yrs, no other partners and have had 2 clean pap tests, now my boyfriend tells me that he has trich and I have to be tested. I know that some BV is not spread sexually but this one is right? Could he have been carrying it for sometime & not known it or could I have been carrying it? I have had 2 clean paps while with him. Now I am worried that he may be cheating on me. Neither one of us has had symptoms but we were separated for 2 months in which I remained celibate. Could he have it but not pass it to me?


Trichomoniasis, or trich, is caused by a parasite that most commonly infects the vagina in women in the urethra in men. Most men do not show symtpoms and many women do show symptoms (vaginitis). So it is possible to be infected with trich and be asymptomatic.

You should see your doctor since doctors will commonly treat the exposed partner regardless of test results or presence of symptoms. This can prevent you from passing the infection back and forth. Your partner can continue to infect you until he has completed treatment and has been cured.

This is always a tough situation for couples to figure out. There really is no way to tell how your partner got infected. If you do not trust your partner at this point, it will be important for you to try and renegotiate condom use.