Treatment for Angular Chelitis


Hello Dr. Feinberg,

Last week I notice that the corners of my mouth were looking weird; they were cracking. The next day I got a cold sore on my lip and I began to think that it had something to do with what was happening to the corners of my mouth. I went to see my doctor, but she did not know what was wrong. I looked through the internet and found out about angular chelitis. I belive very strongly that this is what I have. I would like to know what I can do you treat this fungal infection (ie. treatments available) and I want to know if the appearance of my mouth will look the same as it used to, before I got the infection, after treating it.

I would appreciate any advice you can offer.



In my experience, angular cheilitis can be due to herpes simplex virus (which also causes cold sores) or to thrush. Less commonly, it is associated with vitamin deficiency. Since you have a cold sore anyway, in your case I'd start by treating for herpes. Once the corners of the moth heal, they look normal again.