Transmission through rubbing


Hello, I have been worried recently after a contact with a person. There was a man I liked but I did not want to have sexual intercourse with. While it was getting heated up, he was rubbing his bare penis against my vagina (I was wearing a j-string panties). Given that the panties were very scarce and he was rubbing rather intensely (might have even slightly entered the vagina with panties), I was wondering whether HIV can be transmitted this way (I am not sure if he was pre-cumming, but definitely no actual sperm). Nevertheless, if there was a little pre-cum that somehow got through the panties inside the vagina, does this pose the risk of transmission? Thank you very much!


Hello there There is really no possible way for HIV to cross through 1 or more layers of fabric and infect another person (this is often known as "dry humping" whether or not he ejaculated or had precum). If that was a possiblity, half the population in the world would be infected already. Contrary to popular belief, HIV is a relatively hard virus to get. There needs to be a significant amount of HIV infected body fluid passing from one person's body directly/immediately into another person's body. This is why unprotected penetration is essential. It's only during this that significant amount of HIV infected body fluid will get pushed up inside your vagina. Take care,