Transfer Factor Plus


Dear Doctor, I hope you are doing great, you deserve it. Look, there is a new product (at least new in undeveloped venezuela) called transfer factor Plus. LOts of my HIV friends are taking it and my partner, who is also HIV positive, started it today. Haver you heard anything about it? Doctors here seem to ignore its existence, there is a friend whose name and data i can privide upon request, started treatment with tranfer factor, 3 caps a day, amazinly he reduced viral load to 0, Hes still hiv positive and no opportunistic has appeared so far. You might think why dont you take it then but i am old fashioned so I prefer to ask the experts first. Take care kisses and hugs.


Hi Venezuela Guy,

Yes, I'm familiar with this product and it is not effective in treating HIV (or anything else from what I can tell). There is an excellent reason doctors tend to ignore the existence of products like these: They don't work. I'd advise against taking it. When you hear stories about remarkable HIV treatments or cures that sound too good to be true, that's exactly what they are: Too good to be true.

I'm sure there's a special place in Hell reserved for mercenaries who try to make a buck off HIVers (or cancer patients, etc.) who are desperate and vulnerable.

HIV disease is not the kind of illness that can be treated or cured by your local vitamin shop salesman.

Cyber hugs coming your way as well.

Dr. Bob