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Dear Doc, This is in reference to a question you kindly responded to for a question posted to you on Nov. 20, 2007 regarding a small hangnail coming into contact with blood on a watered down towel. You kindly responded that the risk was "essentially nonexistent and that testing was not warranted." However, I read your responses to other people whose risk seems greater than mine where you write that their risk is nonexistent or they have absolutely no cause for concern. Do I not fall into that category? Please give me some good news and I promise not to bother you again about this matter. I know you get tired of hearing from people like me. Please forgive me for taking up your valuable time. I wrote you yesterday but was not sure the post got through. Just please tell me that I did not get anything and I'll be fine. Please let your compassion overrule your frustration at this rather shallow question. I know you can spot my OCD thousands of miles away. Basically,how remote are the chances that I could have gotten HIV from a small hangnail contacting with watered down blood on a towel? Please don't tell me to see a shrink as I already am. Thank you for your compassion and all the good work you do. Your response on Nov 20 should suffice but I just need to know the difference between nonexistent and essentially nonexistent. What are the odds of me getting HIV in this manner? Please don't advise that I get tested. Just a little reassurance and I can put this behind me. Please some good news Doc. Thank you. Will send donation.



You're obsessing about the difference between "essentially nonexistent" and "nonexistent"???? Hmm . . . any chance of getting a refund on those sessions that were supposed to be helping you with your OCD?

Dude, the essential difference between "essentially nonexistent" and "nonexistent" is essentially nonexistent or, if you prefer it without the adverb, just plain nonexistent. Is that essentially clear now?

Thanks for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( Now stop worrying, start WOO-HOOing and climb back up there on the shrink's couch. You obviously need a bit more shrinking.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

watered down blood and hangnail Nov 20, 2007

Dr. Bob, I realize I asked this same question in brief just last night but I never expected to get through the spam blocker thus the brevity .First, let me say that I think you're great. You are knowledgeable, patient and kind and I have great respect for you're opinion and your foundation. Dr. Bob. yours is the only opinion I truly have confidence in and I need it very much now. I truly am worried and just need my peace of mind back.I beg you to please answer my question as I know you must get thousands of questions Please be so kind to answer my question so maybe I won't have to suffer with worry through the holidays. Dr. Bob,I had a small hangnail which made contact with watered down blood on a wet towel.Am I at risk of hiv from this incident? I don't want to get tested because of this unless you feel there is a real medical reason to do so.Please don't tell me to get tested if it's for peace of mind your reassurance is all I need and am hoping to get.Please give me some good news Doc and my holidays and my poor worrying mind can have peace.Will send donation please send address with your much hoped for response.

Response from Dr. Frascino


You never expected to get through the spam blocker??? Hmm . . . that either means your question is "spam" or our blocker is excessively challenging to those who are excessively worried.

Your HIV risk is essentially nonexistent. Testing is not warranted.

As for the upcoming holidays, Happy Thankschristkwanzaakah!

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Stay well.

Dr. Bob