touched condom and penis really worried


Dear Doctor,

I had protected sex with a sex worker 3 weeks back after ejaculation I touched the condom from outside and unknowingly I used the same fingers to clean tip of my penis. Just I rubbed it once I am not sure I touched mucous membrane. It was approximately 1 minute after removing my penis from vegina. Condom was relativey dry outside. What is the risk of getting infected with veginal fluid. I am very much worried ever since just waiting to complete 3 months to complete and get tested. Please reply me I will also make contribution



"Veginal fluid???" Hmmm . . . sounds like V-8 juice.

Your HIV-transmission risk is essentially nonexistent. Relax! HIV is not all that easy to contract!

I'm confident your three-month definitive test will be negative!

Good luck!

Dr. Bob