Top, didn't realize condom broke, on PEP after 11-12 hours


I topped a guy for about 5-7 minutes. At some point, the condom broke, and I didn't realize it, so I am not sure how long I continued after it broke. I got on Truvada about 11-12 hours later, and then followed up with tivicay after 15 hours

I am extremely anxious. I don't know his status. His profile said he was tested in "July 2018," but I don't know if its true or not. I am extremely anxious and keep thinking about it.

I know I have some level of risk, but can you help me put it in perspective?


Based on the events you describe, it seems your risk of acquiring HIV from this one encounter are nearly zero. Here's why:

  1. Topping is a relatively low risk activity. Your chances of acquiring HIV as a top with one exposure to detectable levels of HIV would still be less than 1% (

  2. At least part of that time a latex barrier was used between your urethra and his butt. That makes the opportunity for transmission in those 5-7 minutes reduced to pretty much zero.

  3. The guy says he's on PrEP. Now I do agree - you cannot base your sexual health decisions off other people's claims. But assuming he is telling the truth, that means his own risk of acquiring HIV are essentially zero. And if he's not telling the truth, then #1 and #2 still apply.

I know some providers would not recommend PEP under these circumstances, but at this point PEP could help more with your anxiety than HIV prevention. If you truly wish to be in control of your HIV status then you may wish to consider PrEP. PrEP is a daily pill you would take that gives you full control over your HIV status whether condoms are used or not, whether they break or not, whether your partner has detectable HIV or not. For more than 356,700 people around the world, PrEP has been a way to reduce anxiety around sex, increase personal agency, and enhance pleasure.

To learn more about PrEP, check out our resource page here at The Body: . You can also see discussions about PrEP 24/7 on my Facebook "PrEP Facts" group :

I hope this information helps you to reduce anxiety, feel in control of your body, and enjoy yourself!