Tools for TB Advocacy

TAG Launches TB Advocacy Toolkit

TAG has launched the first module of the TB Activist Toolkit. This first module, TB Basics, provides activists with fundamental information about tuberculosis that can strengthen advocacy and scientific literacy around TB and TB/HIV coinfection. Activists can then use this information to build advocacy plans and to develop community education sessions on TB.

The toolkit includes powerpoint slides that can be customized to meet the needs of activists around the world. Also included are facilitator notes that guide community educators on presentation flow and managing sessions to achieve maximum classroom participation. Facilitator notes are organized around fundamental information, teaching points with optional exercises, reviews of key points for each section, definitions of key terms and nice-to-know information that can enhance the learning experience for learners with varying levels of advocacy and scientific knowledge. Illustrations are provided throughout the course to re-enforce information presented.

Download this module.

Upcoming modules include TB/HIV Epidemiology and Impact and TB Treatment. Check the TAG website regularly for updates.

Empowering Communities for TB Advocacy: The TAG-ICW Model

This publication by TAG and International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) East Africa, provides HIV collaborative activities into their advocacy work. The TAG-ICW capacity building model can be used by program implementers, funders, and policy makers to help implement the component of the World Health Organization's (WHO) 2006 TB control strategy that identifies the need to empower TB patients and their communities. Despite its rich history of community mobilization and activism over the past century, in recent decades, broad-based community advocacy for TB care and control efforts have become increasingly rare. TAG and ICW developed this model from our experience building the capacity of Africa-based HIV activists to take on TB advocacy. We strongly believe that the components of the model can be applicable to strengthen TB advocacy globally.

Download this publication.