Tonsil Infection for 6 months! ARS the catalyst? ( ready to donate )


Hiya Doc,

Very, very concerned right now.... In March, 3 weeks after possible vaginal sex exposure, I came down with a very swollen tonsil on my right side and a fever for couple days. The sore, swollen tonsil never totally went away and has been bothering me ever since. About a week ago, it started to really flare up again and I knew something was wrong. I went to the ENT and she said I had "sick" breath from my tonsil and she said something was creating pits in my tonsil. So, she prescribed me a 10 day course of Augmentin.

But, after my 2nd day of taking it, I formed what looks and feels like a canker sore on my tonsil!! It is huge and painful... It feels like the Augmentin might be helping with the swelling but I worried sick, that this is all HIV releated.

Could this have all started with ARS back in March?

Is a sore throat on one side ARS?

What could cause this continuous sore tonsil?

Thanks Dr. Bob!

Please help Dr. Bob. I am ready to donate and very much respect your opinion.



Your recent tonsil infection is not consistent with HIV ARS. As for the cause, it's most likely a bacterial or viral (non-HIV) infection. If it's responding to Augmentin, it's bacterial. Regarding the cause of tonsillitis, there are many potential contributing factors. The bottom line is that if the tonsil becomes chronically infected and if it doesn't respond dramatically to antibiotics, the tonsils may need to be surgically removed. I would recommend you follow up with your ENT physician.

As for your "possible vaginal sex exposure," if you placed your self at risk for HIV, you should get an HIV test at the three-month mark, whether or not you have any symptoms.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob