I know that having two raised bumps are normal.. yet i seem to have many raised bumps on the back of my tongue.. they don't hurt or anything.. i am just concerned that it could be an std infection..i know that i need to see a dentist but i am waiting for my student insurance to kick in.. i also have oral candidasis on my gums and inner cheek.. my friend said that it could be related to herpes, and also he said that candidasis can be caused by high concentrations of sugar in your diet.. is that true?? thank you..


There are other "bumps" in the back of the tongue, which are also a normal part of the tongue's anatomy. There seems to be a great deal of interest surrounding oral warts, therefore I feel it necessary to supply a little more information. Whereas it is true we have seen an increased incidence of oral warts in people living with HIV disease, the latest studies show that only 4% of the HIV-infected population present with this manifestation. Our study has shown a link between a 1 log reduction in viral load after initiation of antiretroviral therapy to be of significance. The study presented by Dr. Deborah Greenspan correlated the presence of oral warts to the use of protease inhibitors, a factor we did not find significant. Whichever theory is correct, it is important to point out that the increase in incidence of oral warts is related to use of antiretroviral therapy. Prior to the use of combination antiretroviral therapy we did see oral warts, but the incidence was much lower. A study published by Dr. Lauren Patton found the prevalence of oral warts to be 2.2% prior to the common use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

There are several reasons why a person can present with candidiasis (thrush) as I have mentioned in previous responses. A high sugar diet is not recommended in people who tend to present with thrush. Before jumping to conclusions however, I would have a trained expert determine if you are actually presenting with candidiasis or if you are experiencing another oral disease.

I know you said you are waiting for your insurance to kick in, but please do not put off a visit to a primary care provider for too long.

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