Toilet paper from floor - checked archives, couldn't find exact answer - Please, haven't slept VERY WORRIED


Hello, I've been looking in archives for 2 hrs and ignoring my family so I hope you don't mind I go ahead and ask this question.

I used a public bathroom and the toilet paper was on the floor (the holder was broken) I used it to wipe and didn'think anything of it until after I wiped I realized my hemorrhoids were acting up and bleeding. It got me thinking and I looked closer at the toilet paper roll and noticed some light brown or might have been red on the side of it. It got me thinking, if that stain on the side of the toilet paper was menstrual or any blood from the person before me picking up toilet paper with dirty hands? I've now heard the floor is the dirtiest place in the bathroom so i'm most concerned because I wiped bleeding hemorrhoids. You are very knowledgeabe so I hope you find time to answer my questions: 1)Are non or bleeding hemorrhoids considered an open sore that would put me at risk in this scenario so I can be more careful from now on? Most what I read was about sitting on the seat exposures and mostly HIV only, 2)so what are the possibilities I've contracted any kind of disease especially hep B, hep C or HIV from wiping bleeding hemorrhoids with dirty public toilet paper? 3)Should I be tested for anything and how long before test would be accurate? 4)What are true risks in public restrooms and what's the best thing to do for future reference so I may educate my children about public restroom safety? Thank you very much for your time in answering my question, be well.


I do not consider you at risk in light of the event you describe and would not recommend any testing.

I would consider bleeding hemorrhoids a risk in someone who has rectal sex with a HCV infected partner.