Toilet and HIV? (BACKSPLASH, 2011)


Hi Doctor, I'm not sexual active person but I had kind of a problem last month. A person who could be HIV positive could have used my toilet... there was pee in the toilet (not flushed), so I flushed it and, well, I was in a hurry and didn't realize that the pee didn't completly go flushed.

So, I used the toilet for a n.2 (Defecation) and a little bit of the water of the toiled jumped to my anus.

Am I in risk of HIV?



You're worried about contracting HIV from the backsplash of toilet water, because a person "who could be HIV positive" peed in your tidy bowl and after the first flush all the pee didn't get completely washed away. So when you pooped and created a splash you're concerned HIV "jumped to (your) anus"!?! WOWZA! Relax Max. Your fears are completely unwarranted. HIV can neither swim nor jump. Backsplash with or without no. 1 and/or no. 2 in the bowl is not a risk for HIV. See link below.

Dr. Bob

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