Time period from exposure to ARS and general health


Hello Ryan,

I'm wondering if there is any known correlation between the onset of ARS and someone's general health. For example, would it be reasonable to assume that someone with better general health and a very good immune system (eg. a healthy college athlete) would experience ARS earlier on the 1 to 3 week time period than someone with poor general health or a weakened immune system? Would a healthier immune system be able to detect HIV earlier than someone with a poor immune system, or is the onset of ARS a completely random and ambiguous occurence? I'm just wondering if there is any conclusive research on this topic: a victim's general health and the time it takes to experience ARS.


There isn't any research that I am aware of that addresses your question. There is research that suggests a correlation between the severity/duration of primary HIV infection symptoms and the progression to AIDS.