Thyroid T4 Levels/Relationship To HIV?


If someone was infected with HIV, would a Thyroid Panel Test indicate infection due to lower than normal levels of Total T4? Is there any relationship between Thyroid T4 and the T4 cells that are affected from HIV? I am a 30 year old male and my Thyroid Panel Levels from a recent physical exam are as follows: T4-Total=14.2 (high)

T4-Free/Calculated= 4.16 (high)

T3 Uptake=29.3 (within range)

and TSH=0.54(low/normal).

My Doc wants me to visit an Endocrinologist because of possible Hyperthyroidism now. I'd just like to know if there's a possibility of HIV infection with Thyroid levels this high? Also, what time-frame from initial infection until late-stage HIV would these levels be affected...if there's any relationship between Thyroid T4 and HIV-related T4 count? One more thing...I don't know if this is of any concern, but my MCH level was 33.9 pg and my Iron was 196. I did not completely fast before the physical and I'm hoping that's the reason for the elevated Iron level. Sorry this is so long. Keep up the great work with this fantastic web-site.


Your thyroid panel and HIV should have no connection. Rarely patients with HIV infection can get hyperthyroidism after they begin antiretroviral treatment.