is thrush something to worry about?


hello, i am a 25 male and recently went to see my doctor thinking i had strep throat because of the pain in my throat. wen i went to see my doctor she said to me that i have throat/mouth fungal infection. and she asked me if i have been in close contact with other people or if i had swine flu. but a week ago before the thrush that appeared in my mouth i had a flu and then i recovered. after a few days i kissed my girlfriend and on the next day i got pain in throat so i waited 7 days before seeing a doctor she gave me amoxicillin and fungilin lozenges. but i have never had sex with anyone i just kissed my girlfriend and got this problem. i check online for symptoms of thush and i come across aids and other stds. i have never had sex or never been given oral sex. i have only kissed. but i am very worried about it wot has happen to me.


The easiest way to find out if you have HIV infection is to get tested for HIV. Your risk for acquiring HIV is very low given, as you have stated in your question, your lack of sexual activity. Also given what you have written, it is far from clear if you have oral thrush. It is possible but, again, unlikely. Antibiotics can increase one's risk for Candidal infections (the fungus that causes thrush) but it appears from your question that you had "thrush" prior to the initiation of antibiotics. Other illnesses that increase one's risk for thrush include diabetes. Use of oral steroids and steroid inhalers may also increase one's risk for oral thrush. Best, Joe