Thrush or not? I'm afraid!


Dear Dr Reznik,

Thank you for being available for answering questions.

I've had unsafe sex on some instances, the last being 8 weeks ago. I just tested HIV-

But my tongue looks whitish in the front and is red toward the throat, the white and red are bordered sharply. NO cream cheese like secretions. And I have NO symptoms like taste distortion, burning sensation or pain. Can this be thrush and, thus, an indication of HIV+ status?

So, no complaints and only a thrush-lookalike tongue. What should I do?

I don't know whether my tongue has looked like this for longer. I started looking for this when reading your forum.

Thank you,



Dear "afraid":

First, let me commend you for having an HIV diagnostic test!

Would I think the symptoms you have described are symptomatic of HIV infection? The answer to this question is no. What would I advise? Wait until 3 months after your last potential exposure and have another HIV test just to be sure and practice safe sex!

Take care... play safe.... then you'll have no reason to be afraid!