is thrush infectious to other?


Dear Doc,

Does oral thrush transmittable or infectious to others escpecially kissing in the lips for 2 mins?? how about sharing of drinking glass?? or sharing fork and spoon??

also.. had you deal a hiv patient (have not taken any medication ever since)... experiencing chronic upper back stiffness plus thrush in his mouth??

Hope for your kind replies the soonest. Thank you. c",.)


Oral candida infection (thrush) would be of little risk to others via kissing unless the other persons had severe immune deficiency (such as advanced AIDS or a transplant patient). Basic good oral hygiene and modest therapy (such as clotrimazole troches) would further reduce the slight risk for any transmission from kissing. Sharing eating utensils-as long as there is a minimum of cleaning-would be of very little risk. HIV+ patients can have thrush. Back pain per se is not particularly more common in persons with HIV infection compared to the general population. There ar many possible causes of back pain but an evaluation by a good clinician should point to likely cause. KH