thrush hiv negative


Sorry for my english I am spanish speaking I beg you to ask my question I am one of the worried well, I hope at least. I have been in this hell for seven years now. I tested negative 14 weeks, 30 weeks, 1,5 year, 5,5 year antibody testing. As I had the relationship with a russian i always think that i have the super strange strain. Now I have white coated tongue and have developed a white patch on one side of my back throat (it has been at least for the last year and half, it doesnt change at all). When I drink several cups of coffee and also when i got up I have white stuff in teeth. The doctors here in Spain say that a candidiasis would have advaced in one year, and the white stuff is due to dry mouth. I had been through antibiotics and it hasnt at all. I feel usually the mouth very dry Do you think I should retest or do some special test or whatever ?

Thank you very much



Hello Spanish-Guy,

You've been in hell for seven years? Don't you think it's time to relocate to a better neighborhood?

Listen up, Spanish-Guy. I totally agree with the doctors you consulted in Spain. Although, over the Internet, I cannot diagnose the exact cause of your white patch (certainly dry mouth would be at the top of the list of potential causes), I can tell you that Candida is not your problem!

Next, with HIV tests repeatedly negative out to 5.5 years, I can also conclusively and definitively tell you HIV is not your problem. No, you do not have a "super strange strain." No, you should not retest. No, you do not need special tests. What you do need is therapy and counseling to help you cope with your irrational fears of HIV disease. Your hell is self-induced and self-perpetuating. HIV is not holding you there, but rather completely unwarranted anxiety and fear is. The way out is clearly marked. Now get the hell out of there, OK?

Dr. Bob