Thrush and HIV-negative


regards. In April of this year I had a case of thrush. At that time, I was not taking any medication of any kind. Within 2 weeks of medication I was cleared. Being in a high risk group I suspected that I might have HIV. However, In July of the same year I tested negative for the HIV. Currently, I have a recurrent of thrush. Does it mean that I am HIV positive now? and how likely is it for getting thrush if you are HIV negative? Best


Thrush or candidiasis, which is frequently seen in association with HIV/AIDS, is not diagnostic of HIV infection. IN other words, there are other conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes which would make a person more susceptible to candidal infections.

Another point is that even though we see some patients present with candidiasis during seroconversion illness (not enough to be a proven indicator), most patients who present with candidiasis have been HIV-infected for some time and have a CD4 count at or below 250.

I hope this helps!