Dr. Bob, you are my "go-to guy". You have been amazing in helping me with my questions, so here goes another one... I am newly diagnosed, and very concerned with dating new people or being intimate. I have met someone new who has a symptom of oral thrush. I am very healthy right now, and do not want to take any chances. I would like to kiss him, though. Am I at risk of becoming infected with thrush myself? I don't want to compromise my own immune system, but I want to live my life! Thanks for all of your help, you are great.



The real question is does your new boyfriend have thrush? The "symptoms of oral thrush" and actually having thrush can be two very different things! If he has thrush diagnosed by a physician, it should be treated. Most cases respond rapidly to treatment. Assuming your CD4 cell counts are still reasonable, you are not at significant risk for opportunistic infections. Oral thrush is not considered to be contagious. But who wants to kiss a dude with white cheesy looking crap inside his mouth? It's not exactly sexy. Get your new stud-puppy treated if he needs it. The smooching and tonsil-hockey will then be much more appetizing.

Dr. Bob