Doc. Holodniy,

Can you please help understand thrush and its symptoms? I have had a coating mainly on the back of my tongue, I would say the back half or one-third of my tonque. (1) I have read and seen medical pics. of thrush and my understanding is taht it presents itself as a cottage cheese or yogurt type of appearance (opaque, white, and creamy), is this so? (2) Dose it completely cover the tongue or other mucous membrane like a layering on a cake or is it in patches (spots)? My appearnace is like a thick coating which can only be removed by scraping using a tooth brush, tongue scraper, or finger nails, it does not wipe off like a creamy paste would if I would pass my fingure or napkin which is what I would suspect with a creamy texture which I have seen in litterature. I have had this appearanve for 7-8 months now...(3) is this usual for untreated thrush (assuming it is thrush) to last this long? It sometimes looks like plaque you would scrap off one's teeth and sometimes has a yellowish hue colouring. My tongue also seems to have a slight furry apparance (hairy tongue), I seem to have raised papilae (1-2 mimeters long), can this be the cause of the build uo on my tongue? I should mention also taht I have been extremely stressed (high anxiety) and paranoid about possible HIV infection for the past 7-8 months and scared to test. (4) Can stress and anxiety cause this. My possible exposure was 3 yrs ago...asuming that I was infected...(5) would it manisfest itself today...or later. Sorry for the numerous questions.


Thrush can have many appearances and it is hard to diagnose it without laying eyes on it. What you describe could be thrush, or it could be something else. The best thing for you to do is visit a doctor and get a thorough evaluation. Asking a question on line is no substitution for actually seeing a real, live person who can start to address many of the obvious (and some of the not so obvious) issues that you obviously have.