Three's a Charm for "Team to End AIDS" Participant Sozit Ayalew

Three's a Charm for T2 Participant Sozit Ayalew

Team to End AIDS participant Sozit Ayalew is already a seasoned veteran with the program, and is training for her third T2 event in less than a year! She trained for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011, then the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in the winter, and, this summer, is training for the Chicago Marathon in early October.

AU: What inspired you to train with the first T2 training program last year?

SA: I always wanted to be involved in the fight against AIDS but did not know where to start. I also always dreamt of running a marathon. In February 2011, I met a young lady at work who gave me a T2 brochure. I was in a middle of a tough divorce. I really needed to do something to help me through the tough times. I believed I should sign up with T2 and run for a purpose, and so I did.

AU: What inspired you to come back in the winter for Rock 'n' Roll, and then again this year for Chicago?

SA: It was an easy decision to return to T2. I know we are making a difference in the fight against AIDS.

AU: What was your best experience with T2 last year? Over the winter with Rock 'n' Roll? This year so far?

SA: I must say my experience has been the same for all my training seasons. The staff is amazing and very supportive. The coaches are outstanding. And last but not least, the participants are just wonderful people. I made so many new friends because of T2. And we are all here for a purpose.

AU: How has your fundraising gone throughout your T2 experience? What has the support been like from your sponsors all three times?

SA: I am good at running but struggle when it comes to fundraising. T2 has a very supportive and experienced staff to help us in that department. They always provide us with many great tips on how we can be successful in fundraising.

AU: What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this training season?

SA: I was able to get a friend to join the training program. I hope to continue to spread the word and have more friends join the program to help in the fight against AIDS.

AU: How has AIDS United's T2 training program impacted your life?

SA: AIDS United's T2 training program has impacted my life by helping me accomplish goals I never thought I could accomplish. I never thought I could fundraise and I only dreamt of running marathons. With T2's help, I did fundraise and I did run 2 marathons. I am very happy about that.