History of HIV/AIDS

Three Decades of HIV/AIDS, Part Two

Ignorance, Fear and Hysteria (1985-1990) and Activism (1990-1995)

    Rock Hudson.
    Rock Hudson: Newsweek cover.
    Life Magazine.
    Time Magazine cover: The Big Chill, How Heterosexuals Are Coping With AIDS.
    AIDS Victim Barred by School.
    Ryan White.
    Schools, health officials face wave of AIDS hysteria.
    AIDS hysteria cartoon.
    Sebastian Bach (without the offensive t-shirt).
    James Bond.
    Understanding AIDS.
    HIV/AIDS Activism.
    Jessie Helms.
    Wayland Flowers.
    Robert Mapplethorpe.
    Amanda Blake.
    Keith Haring.
    Ryan White.
    Liz Taylor.
    Freddie Mercury.
    Occupationally Infected Physician Describes Life With HIV.
    ACT UP.
    Mary Fisher.
    Isaac Asimov.
    Peter Allen.
    Anthony Perkins.
    Arthur Ashe.
    Rudolf Nureyev.
    Rudolf Nureyev.
    Pedro Zamora.
    Time Magazine.
    New York Times Article 'AIDS Is No. 1 Killer of Young Americans.'

    Bob Frascino, M.D.