thoughts on religion, homosexuality and HIV


Dear Doctor bob,

First of, i would like to thank you on your superb work at the body, you've helped so many HIV+ and self-diagnosed freaking out hiv- people. i shake your hand.

Ive been reading your posts for over 2 years now until ive finally woohooed, late i know. I still come to your website solely because i want to know that you are in good health. Ive noticed people calling you abominations and other unholy names, so as a religious person, i thought id post my own.

People before i start i would like to let you know that i do beleive in god, and that i do worship god ardently. Yet, since when did believing in god become synonymous to losing ones humanity? In all the religions of 'the people of the book'(islam christianity and judaism), Homosexuality has been noted as sin, punishable by the eternal fires of hell. But if you really think about it, Isnt god the one who controls all? doesnt he decide what will and will not happen? dont these religions advocate fate? So, wouldnt it be gods doing to choose whether a man is to be gay or straight? in retrospect, Lust is sin, be it homosexual or hetrosexual. I feel as though when god banned homosexuality, he didnt ban two men from falling in love, god advocates love, i think he just simply wanted to make sure we understood that Lust was not just something heterosexual beings get involved in, specially that when these books were written, these books that dictate a lifestyle to stay healthy and kind spirited, that help point us in the direction of right-doing when we are lost, were written at a time when the presence of a man and of a woman together was forbidden, and men spent most of their time together harboring immense feelings of lust, that it wasnt ok to relieve ones self with other men either. As for HIV, it has been long believed as a punishment for those who gave in to their lust, be it homosexual or heterosexual (prostitues). the truth is, it just simply isnt so. back when i was in college i decided to scope out some prostitutes to find out how they felt about HIV. It was with great surprise that they all said: I fear catching this virus through our customers.. now that we understand the virus more, studies have shown that prostitutes are 90% of the time (depending on their social class) protected and will not engage in sexual activity if they arent. Also according to studies, the cheaper professionals will often accept more money for unprotected sex to be able to purchase a larger dose of drugs, and dont have enough money to buy new syringes so they share, BAM! high risk of hiv.(please note that i dont believe that all prostitues are IDUs, im just quoting the study) so really the needle sharing puts them at higher statisical risk of acquiring and spreading hiv. is prostitution related to drug use? god no! but we live in a world that could be colder that Dante's interpretation of hell in 'dante's inferno'! some people need comfort, need an escape from those blisteringly cold winds the world keep blowing at them, they need a shelter, they need food, prostitution may be their easier option, but believe me, prostitution is not an easy job. HIV is not a punishement of lust from god, how can i say that? ill tel you, My aunt was a virgin, decided to keep herself for the man she married. she married an hiv+ man, she is now + aswell.. Did she perform an act of lust? NO!! she waited til her marriage, isnt that what the holy books tell us to do?? If ur children did so as well, and were slowly dying an unbelievably painful death, would you abandon them like a stray dog? would you not help him prolong his life by helping him pay for the ridiculously expensive HAART drugs? would you not provide him a warm place under your wing to make the last years of his life happy ones? If so, i am sorry but you are the sinner. maybe your sin weighs heavier than his, we cant say, only god can judge us. HIV is not necessarily a product of lust, it also may be one of love. in more ways than one. Dr bob for instance, wasnt he become infected through an act of love? hasnt he loved enough to perform medical procedure that later cost him? I am sure that when my beloved doctor was first infected, he felt the heavy weight of newly aqcuired hiv infection that millions of people feel on a daily basis. Dr bob, in my eyes, is analogous to jesus, mohammad and moses. he is the sheppard and HIV infected people are his sheep. I garanty that if the world was full of people who think hiv is taboo and shouldnt be taken care of, the HIV infected population would be exponentially higher. It is people like doctor bob who advise us on methods to be safe, to supress this scourge, and maybe wipe it out one day before the distant cure is found.

I hope you find sense in these words and open your heart to people, be they gay or straight, HIV+ or HIV-. only then will you gain favor in gods eyes and become a better human being.



Thanks for your support and comments!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob