What you think about KP-1461?


Koronis Pharmaceuticals have a new treatment in trial i think in phase 2 trial that look very promising, but ofcourse i am none expert,the drug name is KP-1461 Therapeutic hat works by Viral Decay AccelerationTM (VDA). VDA moves the virus to the point of collapse by increasing its naturally high rate of mutation. Drugs based on VDA, such as KP-1461, cause random errors throughout the viral genome at a rate that becomes unsustainable by the viral population and eventually drives it to the point of extinction. In vitro experiments have demonstrated the VDA mechanism, and scientists anticipate that similar findings will be noted in clinical trials of HIV-infected patients.


I am intrigued by this compound and its unique mechanism of action. In fact, so intrigued that I have signed on to be an investigator in the clinical trials of HIV-infected patients. Stay tuned!