Think imma die soon


Whats going on doc, i am 21 and i have been havin unprotected sexual relations with about 4 women all who are friends of mine...about 2 years ago i developed rashes on my scrotum and went to the doc and he told me it was nothing...recently though i have noticed this oral thrush thing i been reading about actually affecting me...i see it and its got me paranoid...i have also been sick for the last two months and i never get sick...honestly doc i think i may have the monster...and honestly if that be the case i would much rather get shot or stabbed or succumb in a different manner...i do plan to get tested very soon...i have stalled all sexually activity until that is done...but i would like your opinion on this before i go...please get back to me soon...and be very blunt doc thanks

dead man walking


Hello Dead Man Walking,

Be very blunt? Am I ever anything but?

Your conscious decision to have unprotected sex places you at risk for STDs, including HIV, whether your bedmates are friends or not.

Was your "oral thrush thing" diagnosed by a physician? If not, I doubt you have thrush. Even if you did, the vast majority of cases of thrush have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS. The reason to worry or get HIV tested should have nothing to do with the presence or absence of symptoms and everything to do with your HIV-risk activities. Get tested because you had unsafe sex, not because you may or may not have an "oral thrush thing."

Finally, your fatalistic comments about much preferring to be shot or stabbed, etc. are a bit insensitive, doncha' think? I've been "virally enhanced" since January 1991. If I blew my brains out with Sarah Palin's moose gun or committed hara-kiri rather than face the reality of coexisting with HIV, I wouldn't be here to respond bluntly to your post.

Dr. Bob