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I am definitely sending you some monetary support to help with your worthy cause. Your posts are literally helping me through this 3 month period (5 weeks down). This might seem stupid, but should I count 12 weeks or would it be more accurate to go by the actual date? 12 weeks would put me 6 days short of the actual date.

OK. Please allow me to tell you my tale of stupidity with this guy I met on vacation. HE WAS HOT!!! I had always insisted on condom use for everthing including oral whether pitching or batting. Well, for some reason I put a condom on him but didn't put one on myself (idiot!!). Well, he gave me oral to completion and some rimming. I know from your posts that this is low risk and even if I were to have another STD that it would still be fairly low risk (going to Dr. tomorrow because it has started to burn/sting a few days ago). The next day we had a second episode of the same, except I also performed protected anal on him. I am not really concerned with that because you always say that "protected sex is protected sex". The condom stayed intact.

So here is my timeline. Traveled home by airline the day after last encounter. Started feeling sick with flu symptoms 2 days later. Granted I went from hot to cold weather and alot of people were sick, not to mention the germs on the plane. 3 weeks after last episode I got a sore spot inside of my mouth between upper left gum and inside of mouth (right at the crease). I don't suspect this could have been thrush because I understand that you need treatment for that and it takes a while to go away. Mine only lasted about 1 1/2 days. At that time I had taken almost a full round of Amoxycilin for sinus infection which I believe is the treatment for thrush anyhow. I had also been taking Nyquil or AlkaSeltzer Cold before bed and the sore spot was in the same spot that my sleep mask rests at night. At the same time I also developed a small, itchy rash on the outside of my left thigh. Cortizone 10 cream took care of it almost overnight. I did a rapid response test at 4 weeks, which was negative. I know, it was way too early but I read on another post that you said most people have enough anti-bodies at 4 to 6 weeks to be detectable. Just thought if it was positive, I could spare myself 2 more months of agony. Anyway, here we are at 5 weeks. 2 days ago, upper thighs and bottoms of feet began to feel like they are burning inside. Granted, I had just read about someone else developing rashes on hands and feet...the mind is powerful, isn't it? Anyhow, sorry so long... I know you like specific questions, and I hope I know your answers already from what I have learned on this site so here goes.

  1. Previous question about weeks vs. 3 months to the date.
  2. Are my symptoms worrisome in your opinion or consistent with ARS? (is ARS the same as sero-converting?)
  3. Provided that there was no blood (which I did not see), do you agree that I am at low risk for having contracted HIV from my excapades? (I had enough wits about me to think about blood in the mouth, but went against my own rules and didn't put on a condom).
  4. Could the burning in my feet actually be related to the burning/stinging I am feeling "down there"? I do not have pain when I urinate, just around the tip and opening occasionally. Normally when I start feeling like I have to go to the bathroom, or after I finish if I don't use a moist towel to clean the area. I know, I know, but if I use a baby wipe after, it doesn't sting. ???

I am excited to hear about he blog. You are making a difference!!!!!!!

Thanks Dr. Bob



  1. Three months or 12 weeks does not make a difference in terms of HIV-antibody test result accuracy.

  2. No, your symptoms are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV ARS. Yes, acute retroviral syndrome symptoms occur when someone is seroconverting.

  3. Yes.

  4. No. These two symptoms are most likely separate. Your doctor should be able to evaluate each without difficulty.

Regarding treatment of thrush, amoxicillin would not help. In fact it may make it worse. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that treats bacteria. Thrush is caused by a fungus. If you wipe out all bacteria (both good and bad bacteria), thrush can flourish.

As for the blog, well, we'll see. It should launch this week.

Be well.

Dr. Bob