Theoretical VS Documented Risk


You are amazing! I've been reading your stuff for years here and just want to say thanks! Thanks for your dedication and your energy and for having a sense of humor. One question say there is a theoretical risk for many things...but shouldn't you just give the DOCUMENTED risk? Why should anyone be concerned about the theoretical risk when we have 40 million or so documented infections????



There are a number of reasons. For instance:

  1. Many questioners pose hypothetical situations in their posts. Consequently I can only give a theoretical response.

  2. Some situations are difficult to document scientifically. For instance, how do you "document" a couple only having had oral sex in the heat of the moment after three cosmopolitans and a sniff of the little brown bottle?

  3. Some risks are indeed only theoretical. For instance theoretically Dick Cheney could contract HIV by having unsafe sex with Greg Louganis, but we all know Greg has much better taste in men, right?

Dr. Bob