The Beginning of a New Chapter

Here I am at the beginning of 2012, facing so many ups and downs of life. "Teenage Hormone Syndrome" (from my girl Trisha) is one of them that's giving me a headache. One of the biggest news I received last year was I've been proposed to by a longtime good friend of mine in September, and we got married in November.

When Christmastime came, I spent my first Christmas with my first family for the longest time. My daughter has been the most happiest girl in this world to have someone she can call father.

My husband does know my predicament and he does accept it; in fact my CD4 count now is 674 and my viral load is less than 20.

For everyone I wish a happy New Year; and for the readers that are constantly sending me email: Thank you for your support, and I will continue inspire each and every one of you.

For the rest of 2012 I say BRING IT ON, 'cause I am ready to face whatever upcoming challenges that might happen.