Thank you!


Dr. Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for your time, knowledge, dedication and tension easing humor that you provide for the many questions asked of you on the site. I had been scared after having, what I believed to be, a possible exposure to HIV through kissing and fingering with a girl of unknown status (although shes confident that she is negative). We hung out all night, made out a few times and then went back to her house. We got ready for bed, she brushed her teeth and I washed my mouth out with mouthwash (since I did not have my toothbrush). Well, about 10-15 minutes later we began to kiss and I subsequently fingered her.  After a few days, I developed a canker sore (I get them occasionally) and could not remember if I had one on the night with her. I stared to think about everything that happened and began to get very nervous, stressed out and could not focus on anything except my possible exposure. A few weeks ago, I started to search for everything I could on transmission, exposure, etc. when I came across your forum. I read various responses to questions from others in a similar situation to mine and I began to relax, comforted by the facts you provided and the constant reassurance that the above-mentioned activities are not considered risky, but in fact safer sex; still, my worried feelings and anxiety began to get the best of me. I wanted to ask you about my situation but every time I tried to post, I would become too scared. I decided that I would work up the nerve to post a question after donating to your foundation. I figured that even if I could not find the courage to ask about my situation, the money would go towards helping you help others. Since I dont live far from your office, I decided to stop by and drop the money off myself. Upon entering, I was greeted by Dr. Steven. I started to shake (my anxiety was kicking back in) and nervously handed him the money while explaining that I wanted to thank you for your contributions. We began to talk and I ended up telling him my situation. He assured me that my situation, risk wise, was negligible and that testing was not medically warranted.  I was still uneasy and asked I could take the OraQuick test. Dr. Steven was very comforting, we even sat in his office and discussed all the wonderful cupcake and cookies establishments in the area (Sprinkles, Karas and Hot Cookie!). After 20 minutes, he smiled and said would you like to see your negative results? as we began to walk over and check. He was right, negative! WOOO-HOOO! You and Dr. Steven are invaluable resources to the World. Dr. Bob, you are a very lucky man to such a wonderful partner and I truly wish you both the best. Keep up the outstanding work and know that you are raising awareness and hope!

P.S. You and Dr. Steven have to try a vanilla milk cupcake at Sprinkles, sweet vanilla cupcake at Karas and the cocoa cayenne cookie at Hot Cookie!!!!!!!

P.P.S- Make sure to get frosting shots at Sprinkles!

Gratefully yours.

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness- George Santayana



First and foremost WOO-HOO!!!! Next, thank you for your very kind words and your generous donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation. I can assure you that your one gift will touch many lives in a very meaningful way. Finally, Dr. Steve and I toasted your good health over Sprinkles vanilla cupcakes and Peet's cappuccinos today. (The toast was a bit delayed because I was in Miami participating in an HIV/AIDS symposium until yesterday.)

I'll leave you with one of my favorite George Santayana quotes:

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

Be well!

Dr. Bob