thank you sooo much dr bob for all you do (pregnant and hiv - today)


Hi at 10 weeks pregnant I went in for blood work and everything came back fine except my hiv test which came back indeterminate. I was devastated I had no idea what this meant and I was quite confused. My doctor didn't make things ne better she said she never seen this result and I should retest. I went home ranting and raving questioning my fiance about his sexual activity he said he had only been with me n I told him that was not good enough for me I wanted him to test. I new I had been faithful and our wedding was in june I was scared and having doubts was it a technical error or was he cheating on me my mind was all over the place. He got tested and the test came back negative...he was in the clear but I was wondering what about ways I got tested again 4 weeks later elisa/wb still the same result indeterminate. I was fed up at this point my doctor said well now we can rule out a technical error she was not comforting and made me feel like I was some type of freak or experiment she said we r just going to test u again I said no and stormed out of the office (mind you I am pregnant and very hormonal). When I got home I start doing my own research and discovered your forum and read other stories and there were pregnant women who had the same issue indeterminate results. I felt as if god sent me to your site because I was looking for clarity and found it in you. I took your advice and went a specialist where she said my indeterminate test were probably caused by cross reacting antibodies (as you said). She did not treat me like an experiment she gave me a rna test and the virus was not detected so today I am officialy hiv negative thank you so much for all you did the help and knowledge you give people is priceless god bless you and have a great because you make me and others hope and smile daily!



You're welcome sooooo much! Thanks for your thanks and your kind comments and for taking the time to write in and share your story. I'm confident it will help others who find themselves in similar situations.

Be well.

Dr. Bob