Thank you & question


Hello Dr Bob

This is lady in UK, thank you for answering my question re blood tranfusion masking the antibodies.

Firstly, I have donated now and as a belated new year resolution I intend to do so every year.

Secondly, I have read in the archives that tests done during pregnancy or after a few months after delivery can cause false positives due to antibodies crossing. My question is, can tests done after 2 and 3 months of delivery cause false negative results.

The reason for this question; in addition to all other symptoms listed in my previous emails I also have dry itchy scalp and have been anemiac for the past few years. Can anemia be caused only by being hiv positive or can sometging else also cause it? Because of all this I am con vinced my negative test results one in Nov 2008 & another in Dec 2008 are false.

Please please answer and put my mind to rest once again as I am also starting counselling for this problem.

God bless you and your family for all your help to millions like me. Eternally grateful for your help and support.

Lady in UK


Hello Lady in UK,

Although this information is in the archives, I'll reiterate briefly that pregnancy and several other medical conditions can cause cross-reacting antibodies resulting in "falsely positive" and/or indeterminate HIV test results. This problem involves false-positive and/or indeterminate results only, not "false negative" results.

Stop trying to blame your very common symptoms on HIV. You have definitive proof that you are HIV negative. If you are anemic or have an itchy scalp, one thing is certain: HIV is not the cause! See your general medical doctor for evaluation and treatment of these common symptoms. Remember, HIV is not the cause! I'm glad you are getting counseling for your unwarranted HIV fears.

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOOing.

Dr. Bob