Thank you and fungal recurrence question


Dr. Bob,

I work in the medical industry and therefore know MANY wonderful physicians. You however are by far the most incredible doctor (reading your forum) that exceeds the "standard of care." Please continue your work. I can tell you have made an impact on MANY lives.

Concerning recurrent yeast infections:

  1. Do male penile yeast infections manifest if one is infected with HIV? If so when?

  2. Are recurrent yeast infections an early sign of HIV infection in women and if so when do they manifest?

Thank you Doctor and God Bless


Thanks for your very kind comments!

  1. HIV-infected patients can get a wide variety of skin problems, including recurrent fungal/yeast infections in the genital area. There is no specific time for these types of problems to occur. In general all opportunistic infection problems become more severe, recurrent and difficult to treat as the immune system becomes more profoundly deficient.

  2. It is possible that recurrent or persistent vaginal yeast infections can be a harbinger of unrecognized HIV in women. Again there is no set or specific time for the problem to occur, but it's worse as the immune system become progressively more deficient.

In general it's important to point out that the vast majority of recurrent male or female genital yeast/fungal infections have absolutely nothing to do with HIV.

If someone has had a potential HIV exposure, he needs an HIV-antibody test outside the window period, whether or not he has symptoms.

Dr. Bob