Thank for answering - "Too many exposures at the same time - humble request"


Dear Bob, You are a wonderfull & magnificient man. I am highly thankfull for the support that you lend to people who think they are at risk. I hope the cure for HIV is found fast, I still wonder how the re-searches are still not full proof. But after going through this I feel it is the duty of all people to spread awareness amongst the not so aware and young people who are very much at the risk not because of their fault as this is a natural process of attraction. I just wanted to extend my fullest thanks by heart to you and all others who are doing this selfless service. As I said you 'lend' support your loan will always be with me which I will repay by rendering selfless service to others.

You may or may not respond to this because of your time factor.




I'm not sure what you mean when you say "I still wonder how the researchers are still not full proof." Consequently I can't respond.

I will add one thing to my previous comments about your situation (see below). Since your potential exposure was to a receptionist in Ghana, you should also be screened for HIV-2 if you have not already done so, as HIV-2 is endemic in West Africa, including Ghana.

Good luck and thanks for your thanks.

Dr. Bob

Too many exposures at the same time - humble request Jun 24, 2009

Dear Bob,

I was sorry to hear that you are postive. I have been going through the messages and feel this is a great service to mankind. I am to thinking of taking this cause of spreading awareness even tough I am not a medical person.

I have been trying to find my answers in these messages though in bits I have some. I have written to you for the fourth time, I may have exposed myself to multiple exposures at the same time in the event of passion which blinds your common sense.

The events goes as follows I had this encounter with a receptionist of a hotel in Ghana. Though she is not a regular sex worker but might have had a few bouts with Ghanians & foreigners visiting the hotel.After initial friendship for two days we landed at another hotel. It was only then that I found out that she was mensturating. We kissed, I sucked on her breasts tasting sweet liquid oozing out of both. I put my toungue in her ears and nose as a part of the passion. No oral sex as she was in her 2nd day periods. I put on a condom and we had vaginal sex only in almost all positions missionary, women on top and doggy. When I ejaculated I pulled out immediately and ran to the bathroom and washed the outer side with soap & water then washed the inside as well with soap and water without pulling the foreskin back. I came back to my hotel and urinated then. I also observed that below the scrotum above the anus there was an itchy mole.

My only request for you to give your valuable reply is that my exposures where many. 1 Kissing 2 ear wax 3 Nose Mucous 4 most importatnt blood on my condom and scrotal sack and my thighs 5 may be blood may have rubbed the itchy mole 6 May be fine blood may have sipped in through the rim of the condom as the rim was fit half way down the penis

As for the symptoms I felt severe headache and fatigue after two & half months which culminated into one night of chill and one week of very mild fever with severe cold & continous running nose with little foul smell. After taking proper anyiboitics after 10 days the cold subisded.

I was terribly shaken after this and decided to do a test after 109 days to b exact. It was the toughest thing in my life with the most severe stress I ever had in my life. I underwent a blood serum Tri-Dot test the result of which was negative.

I humbly request you please reply as I have been exposed to many things at the same time.

Whether I need to do any specific tests again for confirmation. I have given up all bad habits and will work for the awareness in future.


 Response from Dr. Frascino 


Your negative HIV-antibody test at 109 days is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted. Regarding your "exposures":

  1. Kissing is not considered a risk for HIV transmission.

  2. Earwax: no risk.

  3. Nasal mucous: no risk (without visible blood).

  4. Blood on the condom, scrotum and thighs: no risk (assuming the skin was intact).

  1. Blood on mole: no risk assuming the skin was intact. (HIV cannot permeate intact skin.)

  2. Blood slipping in through rim of condom halfway down penis: no risk [assuming the blood did not get all the way up to your urethra (pee hole)].

Be well. Stay well. Remember, HIV is not your problem.

Dr. Bob