Texas: Valley AIDS Organization Now Offers One Minute HIV Testing

On October 15, the Valley AIDS Council (VAC) announced that, in recognition of National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, it planned to be the first HIV testing program in South Texas to offer HIV testing that provided results in just one minute. VAC said that it would continue to offer free and confidential HIV testing at its three offices in Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen, in addition to offering the one-minute INSTI HIV test option. According to Oscar Lopez, VAC's director of education, "The impact of HIV on Latinos is not directly related to race or ethnicity, but rather to harsh realities or challenges faced by some of our communities, including lower awareness of HIV status, access to care, stigma, and homophobia." For further information or to find the closest HIV testing location in the Rio Grande Valley, call (800) 333-SIDA.