testosterone and lipodystrophy


hello doctor, I have a question as lipodystrophy and correlates of testosterone levels in men?, we could say that a subject with a low level of this hormone could play a greater lipodystrophy?, taking as precedent, moreover, that most women develop this pathology and have lower testosterone levels than men? I'm right or multifactorial causes more like?


Hello, and thanks for posting.

I am not sure if low testosterone is correlated with lipodystrophy in men with HIV infection. Regardless of whether it is linked to lipoatrophy or lipohypertrophy, testosterone status should be monitored in patients with HIV and treated when appropriate.

There was one study that showed testosterone replacement in HIV-infected men with fat accumulation led to a decrease in extremity fat as well as truncal fat. So this raises the possibility that testosterone therapy may exacerbate lipoatrophy.